Iyah Syte Continues to Impact Fans Through Music

Reggae artiste Iyah Syte has been contributing positively to the music industry for some time and keeps doing it because of his love for music, and the chance it gives him to reach others with his positive messages.

The artiste was christened Dillon Hines at birth, but chose to be called Iyah Syte as the word “Syte” means saving youths through entertainment, and that is really his mission. He hails from the parish of St. James, living in Roehampton, but was born at Barnett Lane in Montego Bay and spends most of his time at Catherine Hall in the same parish.

He is passionate about many things but family music, cooking, sports, farming and ‘me time’ are what bring him real joy. Iyah Syte’s fervor for music and the realization that he has the talent to sing motivated his decision to do music that others will love and enjoy. This decision came about in 1993 when he was encouraged to do, by his close friend Color Ranks, who was also a deejay and the first person to bring Iyah Syte on a stage.

After the death of his mother, music was the main thing that brought him comfort. During that period Iyah Syte was inspired to pen the song ‘Oh Mama’. His style of music is also inspired by others artistes, including Bounty Killer, Jah Mason, Chezidek, Michael Bolton, among others.

Iyah Syte who writes his own music, describes himself as a roots reggae and dancehall singer and says, “I do sing reggae, soul and swing jazz; mostly working with independent small producers Suh Far Record, Third Eye Record and my independent label Soul Journey Muzik Label.”

‘Oh Mama’, ‘9 to5 Work’, Free Up The Herbs’, If I Love you’ featuring Kristy Sky – a man and woman story, ‘Good People’ featuring Messiah – this one is just saying good and bad people are everywhere – are some of the songs that Iyah Syte has recorded to date.

He has done other collaborations with UK artiste Tenn Shot, as well as Seany D from the USA and Sexi Sashi from Jamaica. He is looking forward to doing more collaborated projects, naming Bounty Killer, Jah Mason, Chezidek as artistes he desires to collaborate with and says, “I am willing to work with young acts that are really talented and look forward the lending my experience to my son Droopy Don.”

He has been sharing stages with international and local artistes since he was inducted in entertainment industry and shares that, “The biggest show I did so far was the Sumfest Anniversary Party in 2010. I have not done many big shows, but have shared stage with Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Richie Stephens, Singing Melody and many more. Recently I have been doing some promotional shows across the island, performing at various venues, including Triple Century in Kingston, where I performed on October 23, 2017, along with my band ‘The Band Unity’.”

Like many artistes who have not yet gotten a good break, Iyah Syte is faced with challenges balancing his obligations to focus as much as time as he would want to produce and promote his brand of music. He also shares some of the challenges he has experienced in the industry that needs to be addressed so new talents can be heard and given the opportunity to earn from their music careers.

The artiste says, “It’s really hard, especially since I have not gotten that big break as yet and my family takes priority. I am a single father for Droopy Don; hence the reason for putting my music on pause for years.” He continues, “PAYOLA! A new artist doesn’t have money to get air plays or TV interview and that’s why they say music is stagnant, which is far from the truth. The deejays do not play songs on merit; if they did many young artists would outshine some of the big names.”

However, Iyah Syte says he has achieved some satisfaction from his choice to do music, “I would say the impact that my songs and performances have on people is overwhelming. I have seen person cry after I perform. I even had someone seeking my permission to sing one of my songs at her church.”

There is much more in the pipeline for the talented artiste, Iyah Syte who says giving up is never an option. He shares that, “My album titled ‘So Long’ is now complete! We are just putting on the final touches and preparing to shoot videos for two of the tracks. The band is also gearing up for a series of big shows. I will always be recording new songs to educate and somewhat entertain my fans, so they can always look out for brand new stuff from me.”

To book Iyah Syte contact him via:
Email: iyah_lazer@yahoo.com
Telephone: (1876) 778-7245/351-1321
Social media: Iyah Syte

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