Introducing Reggae Singer Herbalist – Errol Joseph Grant

Errol Joseph Grant - Herbalist

Born Errol Joseph Grant to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Grant on November 15, 1952, started stage appearances from the tender age of five years while in preparatory school.

He went from prep school to primary where he continued as a child star in both music as a singer and speech as an eloqutionist. This was at the Rousseau Primary School. He was a lead voice in the Rousseau Primary eloqution group and won first place in the first Festival competition in 1963 and again at the second Festival competition in 1964.

In that same year he passed the Common Entrance Examination and went to Ardenne High School. It was there that he became a recognized singer and was drafted by the great Dr. Noel Dexter into the Ardenne Choir. He became a remarkable second bass. He sang with groups like The Youth Fellowship Singers, The University Singers and was an invited second bass for The Kestner Robertson Choral. He was a founding member of the Ardenne Quartet which was the leading quartet in Jamaica at the time.

After high school he continued in music while employed to the Ministry of Communications and Works, Public Works Department, but this time he eventually became a Disc Jock with the Soul Savage Disco. Still occasionally performing at Tea Parties, Barbecues, Weddings and community shows.

In 1979 he went to work in the tourism sector as an Entertainment Co-ordinator at the Negril Beach Village which later became Hedonism 2. Here is where Errol found his grove and became a coordinator extraordinaire, Cabaret Performer, Top MC hosting both local and international shows, Disc Jock and  top Hotel Entertainment Manager in the island.

During his career as a singer he has been backed by various bands, Billy Vernon and The Celestials, Chokey Taylor and The Swamp Band, JAH Children Band, Roots Explosion Band, Black Culture Band and The High Symbol Band.

He has crossed many genres of music. From Classical to Reggae and is now preparing to put out his first album which will be a compilation of original songs written by him.

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