Artiste Interview: Introducing Reggae Singer Gersham

Reggae Singer Gersham

I came across Gersham’s profile on Instagram and was instantly drawn to his melodic sound. It gives me pleasure to introduce the reggae artiste from Saint Lucia to you by way of interview.  


Queen Gee: What is your given name at birth and where are you from?

Gersham: My full name is Andy Gersham Alexander and I am from a community called Grace in Vieux-fort in Saint Lucia.

Reggae Singer Gersham

Queen Gee: How and when did you discover that you have the gift of singing?

Gersham: From a tender age I’ve always been inspired by the singers and players of instruments at my local church. I found myself constantly after services either banging on my mother’s table with spoons or using a broom as a guitar and just singing songs. At age five I composed a song which I sang at church. Seeing my talent, the children’s group leader used me as lead vocalist in the singing group for boys. Later on, I grew a love for instruments and at the age of 8 I started playing drums for the church services and concerts. I later joined the church general choir and my secondary school choir and band…the story continues

Queen Gee: Are there any other members of your family who does music professionally?

Gersham: No, I’m the only one doing music professionally.

Queen Gee: Tell us about your music background.

Gersham: My professional journey in music began when I was hired in the year 2007 at age 14 by a country music singer Linus “LM Stone” Modest To be part of his band as a drummer and background vocalist at hotels across the island. We also did some off island shows in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Croix, Miami.

After an 8-year journey with the LM Stone Country Band, I went on to form my own band 4th Element band which lasted for a 2-year period. After which Davon a keyboardist asked me to do a gig as a lead vocalist with the Envoice band which he was part of. A first for me since I had never gone up front to sing. Their band manager was very impressed though I was nervous. He then hired me as the lead vocalist of said band, which I am currently still employed with.

During my time with the Envoice band , the current keyboardist Swayne Jn Baptist saw my versatility and love for reggae music and sent me some riddims which he produced. He told me I should start venturing into writing my own original music that suits my rebel and revolutionary personality. One of which is the song “WARNING”. 

Reggae Singer Gersham

Queen Gee: Do you specialize in any particular musical genre?

Gersham: I specialize in reggae music.

Queen Gee: What motivates your brand of music?

Gersham: Rastafari, universal love and unity of all people.


Queen Gee: I listened your single “Warning” on YouTube and love the consciousness behind it. What motivated you to write and record that song?  

Gersham: That song was inspired by the many ills facing our society in every shape and form it may take. I wanted to bring about an awareness within the Saint Lucian culture through music and inspire the younger generation into a more holistic approach to life and create a conscious movement for change within our society.

Queen Gee: What feedback are you receiving from your promotion of Warning?

Gersham: The feedback is more than I expected. People from near and far gravitate towards the song with positive encouragements and love. I am grateful for the love so far seeing it’s my first single.

Queen Gee: Where online is Warning available for streaming and purchase?

Gersham: Warning is available on all digital platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, just to name a few.

Reggae Singer Gersham


Queen Gee: What can your fans expect from you in 2020?

Gersham: Fans can expect a flow of conscious music with a versatile sound and energy. I am looking forward to eventually going on tour and bringing the live experience to the masses, and also putting out an EP.

Queen Gee: Who would you like to shout out for supporting your music career?

Gersham: Shout out to Mystique Entertainment Magazine, World a Reggae, Swane Jn Baptist, Nigel Nicholas @damajority, Adam Gillmor, the whole Envoice Band and most importantly the growing fans.

Queen Gee: What is the impact you want to leave on the people who listen to your music?

Gersham: Just want to leave a positive light on the hearts and reach the souls of everyone I come into contact with and change of die , mindset, focus, and create a conversations for conscious awareness.


  • For more information, visit Gersham on Instagram @gershamofficial 
  • For bookings, email: | or telephone: 17587231061.


Queen Gee: Sending shout out to Gersham and wish for you all the best on your journey. Shout out also to our valued readers. I appreciate you coming through to check out this interview. Looking forward to your feedback in the comment section. Please support the artiste, as we continue on the musical mission to spread love through music.

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