Introducing Reggae Singer Boosh Kash

Boosh kash

A star is born to impact the entertainment industry through dancing, acting and music, all of which have therapeutic values to soothe the human spirit and remove the feeling of gloom and depression from the universe!!!!!

The Star was named MARLON GRANT at birth and is professionally known as BOOSH KASH. He was born at Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, Jamaica on Christmas Day, December 25th 1983. Since his birth, Boosh Kash has changed numerous addresses, but has spent most of his adult life in the parish of Westmoreland, where he spends his time working on his any talents, especially his passion for music.

He attended the St Andrew Primary School and later went to the Haile Selassie High School and then St. Mary’s College, where he sang in the school choir and was a member of the drama club.

The multitalented dancer started dancing for small audiences before he was ten years old, as his father would take him to a specific social place in Kingston back in the days of Juke Box, then punch numerous songs to which Boosh Kash would dance, to the delight of the persons who looked forward to watch him show off his creative moves. This blossomed into something bigger for the dancer as it took him to bigger stages later in his career as well as the ability to choreograph his dance moves in his music videos.

His time spent in the drama club at college was not wasted. While there, his talent for acting was honed to the point where it was later discovered by others including local movie producer, Richard Brown of Richard Brown Films in Petersfield, Westmoreland, Jamaica.  Boosh Kash has since appeared in four of Brown’s productions, including; “Carelessness pt 1 and 2” and “One by One”. His intention is to become an international actor, incorporating his ability to sing and dance to enhance his acting career.

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Though Boosh Kash continues to dance and act, music is what he holds dearest to his heart and so he spends his time writing and recording his songs and has been doing so professionally since age 27.

Boosh Kash is a reggae singer, who has the ability to write and sing cultural songs; love songs; songs to entertain party fans; songs to suit any issue or situation. The singer says his style of music was inspired by international singer and dancer Michael Jackson, as well as international reggae singers Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Gyptian and Dennis Brown.

Boosh Kash has worked with producers such as Flex Rich Records, Firm Yard Records and Rising Sun Records, as well as his independent production to record over 40 singles and two mixed tapes namely, “Better Days” and “Pepper Chocolate”. He has done collaborations with numerous artists including Flex Rich, T.Dot City, Fada Bookie and True Stars.

As an entertainer, Boosh Kash pays special attention to his fashion and how he appears in the public. His fashion and talent has gained him many fans that look forward to his performances, especially at parties and live stage shows.

He has appeared at many events across Jamaica; particularly in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Westmoreland. He is looking forward to performing for bigger audiences in the Caribbean, USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Boosh Kash is appreciative of every blessing and opportunity from God and persons who believes in him and his abilities; those who continue to support him in his journey to fulfill his dreams, and so he has committed himself to achieve his goals through hard work, by recording songs that will not only entertain, but brings positive messages to various audiences about love, overcoming obstacles and self empowerment.

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