Introducing Reggae Artiste Classical Eska

Classical Eska One Love

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents”

Classical Eska,with his melodic voice, charming personality and charismatic stage performance, is regarded as one of the best new talent coming out of Jamaica. He has introduced himself to the world as a spiritual and conscious artist.

Born Tovan Murdock on September 9th 1983, Classical Eska grew up in Portmore, Jamaica. He attended Greater Portmore High school where he excelled in sports and represented his school in football at the Colts and Manning Cup levels.

After graduating, he decided to pursue his avid interest in music. He rechristened himself Classical Eska, a name that was given to him by members of his community and he then began his musical journey.

Classical Eskadebut single“No Matter Dem”wasproduced by Delon Reid, the singlewas on regular rotation in Jamaica. His next single “No War” featuring Chaka Demus produced by chakaDemus was aired throughout the Caribbean and the United States on numerous radio stations.

Following up on the success of his second single, he was approached by music producer 92Fs and recorded two songs with him“In Love” and his critically-acclaimed collaboration with Sizzla“Nah Live Up”.

Continuing on the path to take his career to the ultimate level, in 2014 Classical Eska signed a management, booking and recording contract with PBR Productions based in New York.

Classical Eska has showcased his talent on stages such as Island Xplosion, West Kingston Jamboree, and Champions in Action, Spring Break, East Fest, to name a few. He has performed with some of the greatest reggae artist such as Sizzla, Beenie Man, Mavado, Capleton and Morgan Heritage.

With his melodic voice, charismatic stage performance and conscious songs there is no doubt that Classical Eska will play a great role in the revolution of Jamaica’s music across the globe.

See more about Classical Eska on his Facebook Page.

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