Introducing Jamaican Reggae Artiste Movack

Movack editedDavid Odane Hemmings, professionally known as Movack:

I was born in St. Ann’s Bay Hospital in the Parish of St. Ann, Jamaica on 26 March 1993. When I was three years old I moved to Spanish Town and spent two years in Chin’s Basic School and three years in St. John’s Primary School.

I then returned to St. Ann and attended Brown’s Town Primary School where I had a hard time. I was raised by a single mother and did not know my father so things were difficult financially.

After leaving primary school I attended Brown’s Town High where I spent five years. In high school I discovered my love for music and started going to church and writing gospel songs. I was baptized at the age of sixteen and joined the church choir where I often performed as a soloist.

It was at this time that I formed a group called Fusion. We played at local events and concerts and were very popular. We even entered the Rising Star competition but didn’t get very far.

After trying a second time and again not doing very well, we disbanded but the journey didn’t end there for me as I became a solo artist.

In 2009 I entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission singing competition and received a silver medal, for which I was thankful.

I decided to try music again and visited studios in the hope that if I put in the work to pursue my dream – which is to become a recording artist, known throughout Jamaica and the world – it would pay off.

I started to DJ and got a lot of moral support from my family. I entered Magnum Kings and Queens in the 2013 season and did quite well reaching the qualifying stage. I was very glad for the opportunity as I got a lot of publicity and made a lot of useful contacts in the industry, many of whom encouraged me to continue with my music career.

Since then I have been working hard, going to the studio and visiting stage shows to meet and socialize with industry people and learning how the music industry works. I got the inspiration to write song entitled ‘Mama Don’t Worry’ which I recorded and published. It has proved very popular.

Recently, my brother decided to help me as he believes in my talent. My mother is my biggest fan and inspiration and always encourages me to work harder and not give up on my dream.

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