‘International Criminals’ by I-Maa-Ra to be Released November 20

Courtney Mark Anthony Stewart, aka I-Maa-Ra (meaning “I see the Light”) is a reggae artist that began his musical journey in St Thomas, Jamaica in the mid 80’s. After migrating to Kingston, he began recording and releasing several singles. I-Maa-Ra has worked with names such as Dean Fraser, Ibo Cooper, Barry O’Hare and Mikey Bennett. Having gone through a personal transformation, I-Maa-Ra is ready to unleash his full and true potential.

His new release is a song entitled “International Criminals,” coming out his latest collaboration with Idlers Corner Records in France, and released on the Roots Rock label. This track addresses the exploitation of those in power, as they get rich by walking all over the common man, with no remorse whatsoever.

The production kicks off with high energy and a big sound, as I-Maa-Ra introduces the tune by calling them out for what they really are – “International criminals/ intellectual criminals.”

He continues to belt out his denunciation of these culprits, as he demands your attention with his upbeat melodies and intoxicating sound: “Trained in their old colonial head-decay-tion/Trained to oppress, leave the people in depression.”

This is a serious tune, which spells out the reality of how those placed in authority by the people abuse the system, by committing all sorts of white-collar crimes, but never suffering any punishment for their actions. As a result of their ill-gotten wealth and their connections in high places, they are basically untouchable.

But someone has to take a stand, therefore “International Criminals” is all about bringing to light the profound decadence of the system that runs the world today, as these perpetrators “Eat caviar and drink champagne/leaving working class people in perpetual pain.”

I-Maa-Ra has a polished sound that will easily attract listeners. “International Criminals” is just one of his tracks to fall in love with. Consequently, this tune is sure to stick in your memory, but also, should invoke a sense of militancy in all who have their eyes open.

Please take a moment to check out this lyric music video from I-Maa-Ra

Track produced by: Marshall Neeko from Idlers Corner records in France.
Release date: November 20,2017 Available at https://i-maa-ra.bandcamp.com/

For more information visit his website: www.imaararoots.com

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