Music Interview with Dancehall Artiste Hawkeye

Hawkeye shares his music background and story in a music interview with Queen Gee. He also speaks about his latest dancehall release.

The artiste is one of dancehall’s most prolific entertainers and boasts innate music skill, witty lyrics, charisma and style.


Hawkeye it is an honour to be doing this interview with you. You are one of the veterans of reggae and I am sure your fans are waiting for updates about your music, but first please tell us about your music background and history.

Thanks a lot for having me. Let me say that my musical background and history is that I found out that I had the ability to write and deejay from teenage. Listening to the likes of Lieutenant Stitchie, Papa San, Brigadier Jerry, Wolfman, Beres, Dennis Brown in the 80’s era just to name a few. But even at that time, I didn’t see music as anything I would do as a career. It was just a hobby for me.

Dancehall Artiste Hawkeye

To cut a long story short, I was introduced the great Danny Browne who was the founder of Main Street Records. He was producing artists such by a General Degree, Papa San, Lieutenant Stitchie, Buccaneer, Dirtsman and Lady G at the time by Orville Adams, and that’s how my journey in music began.

How did you come by the name Hawkeye and what prompted your decision to use it as your stage name?

I was recording a song at Main Street Studio and Cutty Ranks walked in the studio and heard me mentioned my name in the song I was recording. He stopped the session then asked,”Weh u seh u name is bredda?” And I replied, “Treggie Fresh.” Cutty said, “Nooo my yute, dat name nah guh work in the business.”

So, after a few names, such as Curry Shrimp and Broiled Lobster, due to the fact that I was a chef before. But I didn’t like those names. Then Cutty Ranks asked me wat was wrong with my eye and I told him I was born with it that way. After another set of name calling, such as Bird Eye, Eagle Eye which I rejected, he said “Hawkeye.” There and then I knew this was it indeed. Then I said yes and start using it from that day on every recording. Now here I am.

Hawkeye Music Interview

Apart from music what are your other passions?

Apart from music the only other thing I love to do is cook, because being a chef was my first passion. That’s all I wanted to do as a child growing up.

Who are some of the artistes that influence or motivates your music career?

Some of the artist that influence my career are: Lieutenant Stitchie, Papa San, Ninjaman, Shabba Ranks, General Degree, Buju Banton and Terror Fabulous, just to name a few.

Who does your music target?

My music targets the world. Especially those people who love the fun, entertainment, lyrical versatility, the message and the encouraging, motivating and uplifting part of the music. Because that’s what music should really be in my opinion.


What is the latest with Hawkeye…are there any new releases coming out this year or upcoming tours?

Well, the latest with Hawkeye is that I am now officially a Taxi Gang artist. Doing a lot of work with the Legendary Sly and Robbie. We also have a new track titled “Who Dem a Ramp Wid”. The video was premiered on Onstage on the 1st of February,2020 to start off the new year.

No tours at the moment, but I will be in South Florida on the 29th of February 2020.

Where online can fans engage with you and stream or purchase your music?

Fans can engage with me on Facebook Profile @Christopher Hawkeye Smith or Fan Page @hawkeyemusic1 | Instagram @Hawkeyemusic1 | Twitter @ hawkeyereggae | YouTube @ hawkeyedancehall/hawkeyereggae or my email:

My songs can be accessed via digital platforms where they are available.

For bookings : Email.  or | Jamaica – Hawkeye: 1(876)350-0748 | Canada – Natasha Voncastle: 1(647) 572-5075 | USA – Clinton Lindsay:  1 (786) 262-8598 .

What is the impact you want to leave with people who listens to your songs?

The impact I would like to leave with people who listens to my music is just the fact that music should be all about fun, upliftment and love.

For the sake of up coming artistes, especially those who intend to do dancehall music, can you please share with us some of the challenges you faced since the start of your music career and how you overcame them to become a house hold name internationally?

Hawkeye who dem a ramp wid

For all upcoming artists, my challenges in  music are the same challenges we all face as a child growing up. Only that it’s in different aspect and different levels. So, the only way to overcome these challenges is to believe in yourself, stay focus, keep working, be real, be patient and leave things to time, because time is the master.

Who would you like to shout out for supporting your music career?

I just want to big up the Almighty first and foremost. All my Fans, A/Cs and my Fridges. Disc Jocks all over the world in every legit or pirate stations. All editors and journalists in every media house; newspapers and magazines. Last but not least, I want to say thank you very much Gillian for interviewing me and broadcasting me on this wonderful platform worldwide. Thank you

All the best with your future endeavours and thanks for talking with me Hawkeye.


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