Guangos Jerk Center, Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica

While visiting Savanna-la-Mar in Westmoreland, Jamaica in mid January 2017, I accompanied friends to Guangos Jerk Center and Premium Bar at Dunbars River in the same town. I was told that it was opened in early September 2017.

The ambiance is awesome, I felt very welcomed as the servers had good customer service skills.

I tested and enjoyed a few cocktails from the bar, and the jerk chicken was nicely seasoned and done the way I like it. The spicy jerk sauce was good too.

Next time I go their I will surely try their steam fish and other seafood meals, as my friend told me that she has dined their before and enjoyed their seafood. I must admit that seeing their fish meal presentation has my mouth watering.

Another thing I must have there is the barbeque wings with either festival or fries. I am not a pork lover, but when you visit you might want to try that as I am sure it will be just as good as the jerk chicken, or better.

The next time you visit Savanna-la-Mar be sure to check them out or call for details. Yes I got their telephone number, haha, it is 18769554099.

See you soon Guangos Jerk Center!!!!

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