Gmoney 900 Savage Give Us “A Lot”

Trench Town Artiste, Gmoney 900 Savage releases his debut single “A Lot” which was orchestrated by the young record label Oxygen Media Plus Music Group, a new emerging creative team from Jamaica.

“A Lot” is produced by Christopher Hooper for Oxygen Media Plus Music with the concept of urban artiste and lyrics coming from Trench Town Jamaica.

“A Lot” can be felt on this melodious track, as it stirs your imagination and echoes the sentiment “going through a lot!” The words transform the mellow sounds to express everyday realities such as difficult times, jealousy, perseverance and love through it all.

You can hear a heartfelt cry of being overwhelmed by the woes of the world and the strength to carry on even though the odds may be against us…we can all relate in this current climate of the world we share. Our journey might be different, but we can attest to having similar experiences, i.e.:- death, betrayal and the mundane struggles of life. A lot resonates and inspires, but it’s transformative at best.

Gmoney’s unique musicianship is what most record labels are investing in today and now the spotlight is on him to show the world his artistry. True life experiences, a clear combination of passion and a desire to be successful in his professional music career, Gmoney has embarked on well beaten path however untold the struggles he faces.

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