Glamaton Gets Attention With Jamaican Slang


Dancehall Artiste Glamaton is ready to make his mark on the local music scene.

The talented St. Elizabeth native is currently enjoying much attention with his single titled Jamaican Slang.

“My new song is getting a lot of airplay, and it’s also getting a lot of love in the streets. I’m confident that this song is going to put my career on a higher level,” said the artiste.

Jamaican Slang is the title track for Glamaton’s debut album that was released on Itunes last November.

The nine-track album which was produced by Born Free Records/Mega Wave Productions features songs such as Rolling Deep, Money, Ali Button and Nuh Trouble Trouble.

“Since the album was released we’ve been doing a lot of promotions in various markets including the US, the UK, Europe and the Caribbean. So far the feedback that I am getting has been very positive,” said Glamaton.

Glamaton is scheduled to perform alongside Kalado this Friday at an event dubbed ‘Back It Up’ at Jaques Scott Wines & Spirits parking lot in Grand Cayman.

“I’m looking forward to performing for my fans in Cayman. I’m going to deliver a special performance for them which will include most of the songs on my album.”

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