Gia Yee Teams Up With Toshon King for “Quench the Fear”

Toshon King and Gia Yee "Quench the Fear"

With all that she has going for her, American Singer Gia Yee has added music to her list of creative activities and teamed up with Jamaican Singjay, Toshon king to produce a five (5) track Album titled “Quench the Fear”.

Both Gia Yee and Toshon King are passionate about creating reggae rooted and upbeat music, with catchy beats, tunes and vibes; aspiring to make a difference within this world that connects us. Hence their reason for teaming up to create an album with original songs intended to inspire and uplift the soul. The songs were originated from the heart and in the heart of Jamaica.

“Quench the Fear” album is a combination of solo and duets produced by Toshon Kings Production and One Heart Entertainment LLC. It is consisted of two versions of “Quench the Fear”; one being a single by Gia Yee and the other, a duet featuring Toshon King. Other songs included are “Connected to You”, which is a duet; “Baby You Alone” by Toshon and “One Heart” by Gia. The songs were all recorded in Jamaica and mastered at Tuff Gong Records.

The official video for Quench the Fear single was released on on May 4, 2016 and has been getting its fair share of views. It was shot on location in Jamaica in March 2016 by Dameon Gayle of Warrior Musick Production.

Gia and Toshon are now busy promoting their new album, which reggae lovers can purchase or any other online distributors.

Gia Yee is very elated about her involvement with music and shares, “We hope that we are well received and hope that we will be able to connect with many hearts and inspire people of all walks of life and from all parts of the world with our music. And we hope to continue to not only keep creating music, but to collaborate with other artist world wide – to make a difference in our world.”

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