Gia Yee and Toshon King Shoots Video for Tracks on Quench the Fear EP

Toshon and Gia at Roots fm interview

United States singer Gia Yee recently visited Jamaica to team up with Jamaican Reggae Artiste Toshon King to Promote their debut EP “Quench the Fear”, which was officially released in May 2016.

The main focus was to promote the title track (Quench the Fear duet), as their aim was to highlight the ‘message’ in the song.

Both Gia Yee and Toshon King agreed that the tour was a success, as it included radio interviews where they were able to speak about the songs; their collaboration and how it all came about from the conception.

Quench the Fear is also receiving additional radio airplay on various radio stations in Jamaica and internationally. Tracks from the EP are also included on Reggae Culture Mix Tapes for July 2016; one created by DJ Don Kingston and the other by DJ Kenny.

One of their main objectives was also accomplished – which was to film three music videos for tracks from the EP. The filming was a success and once edited and completed they will have music videos for all five singles to be released to the public.

Dameon Gayle of Warrior Film Productions, shot all of the video footage at several locations throughout the Kingston area, which included: Bob Marley Beach to film “Connected To You”, Tuff Gong Studio to film “Baby You Alone”, and three separate locations to film “One Heart” (a mountainside Quarry, Tuff Gong Studio and a small village area located at 63 Mountain View Avenue in Kingston).

Footages from Dameon Gayle shot for Connected To You and One Heart will be edited and completed by Gia Yee’s brother, Keir Yee and is expected to be a wonderful end product due to their collaborative efforts; blend of talents, creativity and culture.

The video for “Quench the Fear” duet is already completed and is enjoying fair view on YouTube; video for the solo version, voiced by Gia Yee is still being edited and will be released soon

Gia Yee is very excited about her trip and says, “Although it will take a few weeks to launch our new music videos, the initial groundwork was laid to get our music and its message out to the public on a broader scale – and for that we’re very grateful. We were blessed our entire trip to have come in contact with wonderful people who have supported our efforts and we look forward to continuing our relations with all of them and others, as we continue to move forward from here.”

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