Get to know REggae Singer A#Keem

Get to know reggae singer A#Keem

Reggae Singer A#Keem shares his music journey with our readers.


Reggae Singer A#Keem is persistently evolving and creating throughout the years. He continues to excel in his career, releasing singles that are blazing both the local and national radio waves. He has shared stages with artistes such as, Ashanti, JaRule, Kes, Beres Hammond, Sizzla Kalonji, and more. He has also earned collaborations with artistes and producers from Jamaica, London, Spain, Antigua, Germany, Trinidad and still has a lot more in store.

QUEEN GEE: What is your given name at birth and where are you from?

A#KEEM: I was born Akeem David Abraham, in the beautiful Caribbean tri-island state, Grenada. 


A#Keem enjoying a coconut

QUEEN GEE: You have a beautiful sound. How did you discover your talent for singing?

A#KEEM: I didn’t grow up in a musical family with a musical background, however in my childhood days, my mother was the youth leader, and choir leader at my church. So, I was drafted into the choir at an early age. Even then I didn’t think much of my singing abilities, I was only doing my part as a choir member.

Several years later as a teenager in secondary school (Presentation Brother’s College), I joined up with a few friends who mostly did rap music, at which time I was a big fan of RnB. So, I gravitated to that melodious sound as a musical hobbyist and used writing and music as a means of self-expression. I was a very shy guy, still not even thinking I was that talented as a singer.

Not long after,  I met Rochelle Johnson, who was a media and content creator here in Grenada at the time and shared some of my recordings with her. She convinced me that I possessed the talent necessary to do Electrical Engineering at UTT (University of Trinidad & Tobago).

During my time in Trinidad, away from external influences like family, and friends, being in a new environment opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new world. A world that I decided, NEEDS positive musical content. It was then in 2015, I decided I was gonna use my talent and writing abilities to communicate love, and positivity to the world. 

Get to know reggae singer A#Keem

QUEEN GEE: What motivates your style of music and why reggae?

A#KEEM: I choose reggae because it’s the sound that spoke to me on a spiritual level. I believe that for each job, there is a perfect vehicle and for me the vehicle needed to carry my message is reggae. And not just reggae, but even a more universal sound which capsules different genres coupled together.

My style of music is motivated by the realization that the world, specifically the younger population is being consumed and heavily influenced by negativity. Which stems from the musical content, since music is undoubtedly one of the greatest influencers today.

QUEEN GEE: Your lyrics are very potent, and your messages are timely, are you the sole writer for your music?

A#KEEM: I truly believe that if John Doe writes a poem, then it is only John Doe who can deliver that poem accurately. Representing the precise emotions, tone and energy of that poem, because as the creator of the poem, he truly understands and relates with it. Which is why I continue to be the sole writer for my music. I want my audience to really FEEL my music, not just hear words, and instruments. 

QUEEN GEE: Which artistes would you credit with influencing your music?

A#KEEM: I would surely credit Akon, DMX, Lloyd, Bob Marley, Bob Da Phoenix, Eminem, Chronixx and Protoje with influencing my music.

Get to know reggae singer A#Keem

QUEEN GEE: Who does your music target and what is the message you want to share with them?

A#KEEM: Originally, I wanted to create music to specifically target the youths, but then even in my own personal mental evolution, I’ve realized that sometimes, the youths are not ready to hear the message of change. Sometimes even the elders are not ready.

As the saying goes, you can bring the horse to the well, but you can’t make it drink. I’ve learned that it is nearly impossible to pinpoint a specific demographic that is ready and willing to receive the message I aim to share. Therefore, my music targets the open mind and those who are ready to accept reasonings and messages of positive change.

QUEEN GEE: Tell us about your latest music project.

A#KEEM: My latest release is titled “WINNER” which is a single produced by Grenadian engineer, Skyper De Scientist. This project was recorded and mixed by me. It was released on December 22, 2019 on all digital media platforms with an official music video, shot and edited by iOne Productions. The video was premiered on the world’s largest reggae media platform, Reggaeville. 

QUEEN GEE: Where online can your fans stream and purchase your music?

A#KEEM: My music can be streamed and purchased at all digital media platforms worldwide; Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, etc. 


QUEEN GEE: In a nutshell, give us a review of 2019.

A#KEEM: 2019 was an incredible year for me on a production level. Being an artiste in a 3rd world country, I am usually far behind on technological updates. Realizing this, I make it my duty to stay on top of things. For example, it is only recently here in Grenada we were exposed to the digital music world, i.e. Spotify, iTunes, etc.

So, one of my main focuses in 2019 was to substantially improve my digital media presence; to which my team and I (iOne Productions) released 11 singles to all digital media platforms. We also released 5 official music videos to YouTube and Facebook.

To make all this possible we have worked with producers such as; Skyper De Scientist from Grenada, Rub D1 from Spain, Bob Da Phoenix from Grenada, even produced 2 singles myself!

I performed at numerous events both Locally and regionally.

2019 has definitely been a year of tremendous growth and I am sincerely grateful. 


A#Keem's love for music is evident in his expression

QUEEN GEE: Analysts across the globe are predicting that 2020 is a year of growth and prosperity, what can we expect from you this year.

A#KEEM: Just as the analysts across the globe predict, you can expect even more growth from team A#keem. We truly believe in our mission to affect permanent positive change with music and more. We don’t intend to ease up or even become complacent. 

QUEEN GEE: If you were given the opportunity to mentor upcoming artistes, what would be your main advice to them?

A#KEEM: Whether granted the opportunity or not, I make it my duty to reach out to upcoming artistes. My message to them is always to evolve mentally, spiritually and physically as a creative. With this evolutionary mindset, then you will be able to leap over every hurdle and obstacle in your way to success. 

QUEEN GEE: It is the norm for me to give my guests the opportunity to shout out the people who support or play a role in their music production, promotion and other form of support. Who would you like to shout  out?

A#KEEM: I definitely must shout out my team, Dread Juma and Kitaka Mawuto of “iOne Productions” for their unfailing support in making this dream a reality. To every single media entity for sharing my content, and definitely to my fans and supporters for receiving that content with open arms. I truly appreciate you!

QUEEN GEE: I wish you all the best for 2020 and beyond and look forward to a follow up interview with you to share your progress with our readers.

A#KEEM: Infinite love and gratitude for this opportunity to connect with you and your audience, and I wish you all the best for the days and years to come. Blessed love. 


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