Fhiyahshua Set To Release GOSH Album

Andy Jackson aka Fhiyahshua is destined to make it big in the music industry; he has been singing and writing songs since he was child and has matured as a singer over the years. He has what it takes to make it in the music business; and with his new album Gosh that will be released in late August 2017 everything is possible.

The Album Gosh is a very unique, diverse album that everyone can relate to. It is a non racial, non violence product everyone should have in their musical collection. The album is consisting of nineteen tracks with different genres, styles, melodies, lyrics and energy.

On this rich album Fhiyahshua collaborates with other artistes such as Simple Simon, Syross and Sheldon Senior. He addresses social issues such as diseases, crime and violence, and other daily struggles; personal issues such as his experiences with others in the music industry; love songs for the ladies and party songs for revelers. For Fhiyahshua, who is a true Rastafarian this album could not be complete without songs that will uplift your spiritual consciousness.

It was named Gosh because of the slang style Fhiyahshua uses on stage and in the studios; everyone who hears the style loves it. “Gosh is a collector’s item”.

The album is produced by London based producers Tripple Star Label and is one of the biggest projects to date. Head of Tripple Star Label says “Fhiyahshua is ready to be successful in the music industry and so we are pushing to complete and present this album to the word through digital distributors online by the end of August.”

Official launch for Gosh will be held in Jamaica by the end of this year!

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