Exile Di Brave goes to the movies

(L-R Exile Di Brave & Sherkhan @ the Rock Dem Release Party)

(L-R Exile Di Brave & Sherkhan @ the Rock Dem Release Party)

Ever the entertainer, Exile Di Brave is always putting out new and exciting projects for his growing fan base.

The fast rising reggae star’s creative drive and his desire to keep his fans happy has kept his career on an upward trajectory since he embarked on his musical journey in 2003.

He has a deep love for music and other forms of artistic expressions, therefore it is no surprise that his latest project has landed him on the silver screen.

Exile Di Brave is featured in the recently released short film titled Rock Dem in which he plays the lead character ‘Bushmaster.’

“Working on Rock Dem was a tremendous experience. Playing the lead role gave me a chance to explore another side of my talent, which is something I really enjoyed doing. I believe this experience has helped to enhance my confidence as a performer. I’m very excited about the movie, and I’m eager to see how my fans will respond to it,” said Exile.

The release party for the movie which was directed by French director Romaine ‘Sher khan’ Chiffre took place recently at Nanook on Burlington Avenue in Kingston.

Before Rock Dem, Exile Di Brave made appearances in several other short films including Kingston Crossroads which was directed by German film makers Oliver Becker and Jonas Schaul, Dream On (Big Bomb Films), Team Ex (Big Bomb Films) and  Original Style (E.D.B. Entertainment).

Movie lovers and music fans can watch Rock Dem on demand online by going to www.sherkhanslair.com.

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