El Debarge Jr. Making His Mark in the Industry With HOT new single

El Debarge Jr

El DeBarge Jr., namesake of the famous Motown singer El DeBarge, has released his first solo EP album on Industry Family Entertainment.

The EP record is titled “The Lion’s Den” and is a collection of original R&B and modern-soul as well as Popular Music, tracks both written and performed by El DeBarge Jr. “The Lion’s Den” is an expertly executed, tastefully composed record that is sure to solidify young DeBarge as one of the year’s most important up-and-coming R&B artists.

The main feature of the extended-play album is El DeBarge, Jr., himself. He is best classified as a singer, rather than merely a vocalist, a distinction that will set him apart from many modern performers of the R&B genre today. His voice and style are crisp, clean, and natural like his father’s, though much more sonorous and soulful.

His lyrical content tends mainly toward the romantic, though he has penned lines on several other topics in the past. His music has deep, snappy groove and tasteful melody lines. His rhythms take their cue from the best Motown artists of the late seventies and early eighties.

While DeBarge Jr. definitely fits in with contemporary R&B singers such as Babyface or Chris Brown, he exudes a level of class and finesse more akin to Marvin Gaye, or even Al Green.

The “Lion’s Den” EP is not his only recent activity, however, as he has also released a new video for his single, “Shawty R U OK.”

The video, like the track itself, as well as the entirety of DeBarge’s material, showcases DeBarge’s professional-yet-unpretentious demeanor.

The music video, which is expertly directed by Will J. Smith, shows that El is obviously ready for the global arena of sound and stage performance.

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