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Talented dancehall artist Don Naro certainly has a clear musical message. It is brave and intelligent and represents a Spiritual Energy and all that society is afraid of at the same time it’s reflecting everything he himself is afraid of.

All of this emotive vocal work comes underpinned by tough rhythms, infectious hooks and a clean and crisp production style that is as powerful as Don Naro’s raps. Without question, he is one of the most important and creative lyricists of the day. In his own words, Don Naro, who was born Donaro Stanford, is a ‘loyal and humble youth.’ He lives and breathes his art and has done so ever since he was born in St. Catherine’s Spanish Town Hospital in 1986.

It was at the tender age of 11 that Don Naro first began playing with words and rhymes, and within just a couple of years he was already making his own music to go with it.

As a student of Excelsior and Manchester High, this prodigious talent continued with his Talent and also became part of ‘Talk About Dance’ group during the period of 2002 to 2007.

He continued to explore his Talent by venturing into song writing, where he wrote Songs for artists such as; Spice, Junior Reid, Macka Diamond, etc. He spent whatever hours he could laying down his own material in and around local studios whenever he got the chance and then later went on to undertake a certified practical degree in Herbal medicine at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. Inspired by the great Marcus Garvey and following.

The Teachings of the bible and Jesus Christ, about whom Don Naro frequently enthuses, helps him to be someone who truly loves life and is into Health, Beverage productions, Games and Cooking as well as making relevant music.

With a unique style of his own, Don Naro imbues his music with real sweet wise swagger and urban values, but also with a direct and hard-core sense of emotion. In the early part of summer 2017, Don Naro released a great new single titled “Dawgs Dem Relevant” on Raise the Bar Rhythm, produced by Believe Production, which will once again confirm his talents.

Music is his art…he wants people to know his art…he will connect with all nations through his art…Don Naro is Relevant…’Dawgs Dem Relevant’!

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Reggae/Dancehall Artiste Donnaro Di Great Boss

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