Reggae Singer Don G Artiste Interview

Don G Reggae Interview

Artiste Interview: Queen Gee raps with Reggae Singer Don G to probe into the artiste’s musical journey. Check it out!


Who is Don G?

Don G is a conscious uplifting reggae artiste from the Jamaican soil. My given name at birth is Rasheed Steele and I attend the Bog Walk High school. 

How did you discover your talent for singing?

Well, it’s actually an inborn thing. In my earlier years growing up I first entered the stage at age 7, in my hometown Riversdale, St. Catherine at annual holiday kids treat. Up till today people always reminding me about that time because they really enjoyed my performance as a child. For me I wish I did have a photo or video from that age so I could look back on it. But I always keep it in my thoughts to keep me grounded as a memory to always remember where I started from.

At age 16 I started singing with a group called Nufaze Crew, where we entered several competitions such as rising star and reggae trail. We came out victorious at the finals, couple years pass after and then the group broke up because two members migrated. After that I just continued my solo career. 


I note that you tend to sing positive music. What motivates you and who writes the songs you record?

I sing positive songs because it was inspired by the Most High. So, He’s the motive behind all this. People tell me I am like a missionary spreading consciousness throughout the world with reggae music and yes, I do write my own songs.

Which record labels have your recorded with so far?

Over the years I have recorded for several different record label and producers locally and internationally. Such as Kings of Kings, Jungle Lions, Friends for Real Production, Lion Riddims, Bobo City Ent, Lions Flow Production etc. I am currently working with One Tree Records based in New York City and Jamaica. 

How many songs have you recorded since the start of your music career and what is the public’s reception of your music to date?

I have recorded over 50 songs so far in my career. Some have released while the others are not released yet. Plus, new project which is out now hammering the airwaves local and International radio and tv stations. ‘’What Goes Around’’ was a breakthrough for me which was release in 2012 and became a massive hit in 2013. The music video topped many charts in and out of Jamaica. After that, we release several singles which created waves.

In 2017, I did a reggae EP titled ‘’You Reap What You Sow’’, which is consisted of four tracks Mother’s Cry, Inna Jam Down, Nah Give Up and Who Am I. A single from the EP was selected as soundtrack in an American movie (episodes 1 to 6) called “Shake Down”. The EP and that specific single “Nah Give Up” is getting massive feedback.

In May 2018, One Tree Records released a single titled ‘’We Need A Change’’ on the Train Line Riddim. It has been trending from that time till now with such a heavy topic. This song speaks about the elements which is affecting our sweet Jamaica.

Early March 2019, I record for a European production. They did a remake of Jacob Miller’s Tenement Yard Riddim. I did a cover, changing up few lines of the song to show gratitude and respect to one of our icon in reggae music.  I renamed it ‘’Mine Your Own Business’’ on the Tenement Yard 2019 Riddim.

We are getting a great reception from that song.  I also did a music video for it, which is published on Reggae Dancehall Vault Facebook page. They posted it on their social media in December 2019, the song hit up to 22,604 Views and still counting. This music video along with other music video were premiered on Hype TV and CVM TV in Jamaica.

I have seen interviews online that you have done in various European countries. Were you in Europe on tour? If yes share with us when and where you have performed and what was the feedback from the audience?

Yes, I have done several radio interviews on stations such as, Radio Latina, Party Time Radio, Joint Radio FM,  Ara City Radio, Razo Radio etc. I have also done TV and newspaper interviews in Europe.

Also did stage performances on festivals and other club and sound system shows. I have performed in Germany at Rhur Reggae summer festival, in 2017 and in Luxembourg – Roots Town Festival – 2018. I did many other shows in Belgium, France, Paris, and Amsterdam. All my performances were epic, based on the audience response.

At the time I was on tour with world renown sound system called ‘’Irie Crew’’ sound, with Smokey and T-Zion. I also performed at my birthday celebration and EP release party, held in Europe on November 9, 2019.  I invite few media houses and friends. The party was a blast and talk of the town after. It was announced on Ara city radio in Luxembourg.

Many artistes are reporting that 2019 was a good year for them, please share with us some of your activities and accomplishments in 2019.

Well 2019 was really a good year for me, can’t complain. My music career gained great accomplishments. “We Need A Change” along with other songs gained numerous rotations on the radio in all 7 continents. This was based on live performances, many bookings, features in European reggae magazine, Canadian magazine, Jamaican newspapers: The Star and Jamaica Observer, and other countries. I was also invited to a show to represent Jamaica, giving insight of our culture, our food and how we talk. I can say 2019 was a splendid/magnificent, very impressive year for me. 


What’s in the pipeline for you Don G…what can your fans expect from you in 2020 and beyond?

Many new music and visuals are in the pipeline for 2020 and beyond. My fans can expect the best from Don G. We will soon release a single titled ‘’Mama Love’’, which will be on the Living Room Riddim, produced by Bobo Omar from One Tree Records. Also, a new single from Lions Flow Productions out of France, on the Switzerland Riddim. This song we haven’t give a name as yet, but it’s a lovers rock, so my fans can look forward for those. Just stay tuned. 

What is the impact you want to have on your peers who listen to your music?

For my peers and who listening to my music I will always have a positive and uplifting impact.

What advice do you have for youths whose dream is to become an artiste?

To all the youths who have dreams and aspirations of becoming an artiste, my advice to them is just believe in yourself. Keep persevering, because a quitter never win, and a winner never quit.

It is the norm for me to give my guests the opportunity to shout out the people who support or play a role in their music production, promotion and other support. Who would you like to shout out?

First and foremost, I have to send a big shout out to Father God who make all things possible and also Mummy Shirley, my mother who raise me to be the man I am today. Big respect to all radio stations, TV stations, disc jocks, sound systems, newspapers and other media outlets that have been supporting my musical career throughout the years. Upfull respect to my manager and road manager Bobo Omar and Ijah Bling from One Tree Records. Big up my fans, family and friends across the world and down in Jamaica. Blessed love all the best for 2020 and beyond. 


Where online can your fans stream and purchase your music?

Fans can find my music online at all digital platform to stream, download and purchase such as: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby, Google Play, Apple Music.

“You Reap What You Sow” full EP on iTunes

“We Need A Change” – Train Line Riddim on iTunes

“Mine Your Own Business” – Tenement Yard 2019 Riddim on iTunes and Amazon.

How can people find you on social media and for bookings?

Fans can find Don G on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (@DonGmuzik).

Booking info:

E-Mail: | WhatsApp +352 671 533 375


I wish for you the very best in this new year, as a matter of fact this new decade…long life, prosperity and great music.

Many thanks for reaching out, its highly appreciated and all the best.


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