D’Jermaine Biography

Reggae Singer D'Jermaine

Reggae Singer and Song Writer D’Jermaine shares his musical journey!

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” —Wilma Rudolph

Jermaine Burns Blackwood professionally known as D’Jermaine, who originally hails from Shortwood District in Papine, St. Andrew, Jamaica was born to parents Rosalind Batson and Oscar Blackwood on November 28, 1985. On that very day he received the gift to be a great man who is destined to impact this planet through music.

He was educated at Boys Town Primary and Junior High, in Kingston, Jamaica and later transferred to Whitehouse Primary & Junior High, in Westmoreland. He received his secondary education at the Petersfield High School in the same parish.

D'Jermaine Biography

It was during his childhood days, at about 12 years old, D’Jermaine realized that he could sing and write his own songs. He had just relocated from St. Andrew to Westmoreland and was able to explore more and fully discover his talent. He along with relatives and friends would create music, by making their own instruments with buckets, cheese tins, old fan faces and more to entertain themselves. The more they did this is the more he decided that this is what he wants to do…become a top-class artiste.

D’Jermaine is a multitalented painter and landscape designer, who is also good at many other things, but his passion for creating great music with uplifting and empowering messages is his main focus. This burning desire to create music led to a lifetime decision he made at age 19 to start doing music professionally.

He later teamed up with his friend Father C to form a duo; they became “Stamma & Father C”. Stamma was his alias name back then as he was known to stutter in his speech in those days. Their first performance at a pageant

in Whitehouse, Westmoreland did not go well, as they were both inexperience and the crowd harshly criticized them with the famous ‘Jamaican boo’. They left the stage feeling dejected knowing that they failed on their first gig. D’Jermaine shares, “The good thing about this failure was that hitting rock bottom we realized there was no other direction to go, but up. So, we used it as a learning experience and went back to the drawing board to build our act and work to be better each time.”

Their determination led to an increase in popularity, largely because their friend Simba had recognized that they were talented singers and started recording them. This was back in the days when cassette recording was ‘the thing’, so Simba eventually recorded their music on cassette, and this contributed to the growing popularity in their communities.

A few years later, D’Jermaine started attending church regularly and soon got baptized. His love for music was further ignited and used immensely in his Christian journey, as he became an avid singer and actor while attending church. It was during this time in his journey he formed a gospel group with his friends and entered one of the nation’s most popular and prestigious music competitions – the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Original Gospel Song Competition.

In 2015, the singer entered his first singing competition as a soloist. He participated in the Beeston Spring’s Got Talent, in Westmoreland and was awarded second place. That boosted his moral and so he entered the JCDC Big Stage Competition in 2018 where he was placed third. Being a person who will never give up on his dreams and desires, he wasn’t satisfied with the third place that was conferred upon him, so he reentered in 2019 and was awarded the first-place position. He was truly ecstatic and encouraged that after pushing so arduously for so many years, he finally achieved what he envisioned.


From there he continued to build his music career and was introduced to music lover and Producer, Kenard of Kenard Records, based in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland. The producer has a great gift of identifying talented artistes who are destined for greatness, and so he is currently the producer for D’Jermaine’s debut recordings, as well as guiding the artiste to have better understanding in music marketing and helping him on his journey to being a professional artiste.

D’Jermaine is aware that his genuine love for music, the ability to use it as a voice to tell stories about his struggles, as well as the struggles of those around him, and working with the right teams is what it will take to build a professional music career. So, he is grateful for the opportunity to be mentored by the head of Kenard Records to propel him in the direction he wants to take his music career.

While the singer, who is also a gifted drummer appreciates and will periodically experiment with other genres, such as dancehall and R&B, he focuses on writing and recording roots and lovers rock reggae music. D’Jermaine has written and performed numerous songs to date, but his debut singles include, ‘Education Yuh Fi Tek Een’, ‘Sun Gonna Shine Tomorrow’, ‘Why Earth A Run So Red’, ‘Stronger’ and ‘Peace Makers’.

He is inspired by some of Jamaica’s eminent and talented artistes, who continues to exude greatness and inspire others with their brand of music. These artistes include Gospel Singer Jermaine Edwards and Reggae/Dancehall Singers Beenie Man, Chronixx, D’aville, Richie Spice and Taurus Riley.

If you should ask the artiste what is his greatest achievement to date he would reply, “I would say my greatest achievement as a singer and songwriter is having persons relate to and appreciate songs I have written.”

D’Jermaine envisions his music career flourishing. He sees himself writing and putting out more material. He is getting ready to travel the world to expand his reach in order to deliver his message of love, hope and success through music.

As he sets out to launch his inauguration EP and other inspirational singles, the artiste is making long term plans to collaborate with other talented artistes, such as fellow artiste of Kenard Records, professionally known as Ray Z to make great music for the world.

“The world can look and listen out for me, because I am using my music to spread positivity. I am writing songs that myself and others can relate to and that persons of all ages and walk of life can sing along to.” says D’Jermaine.


Kenard Records | Telephone: 876-512-2525 | Email: kenardrecord@gmail.com

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