Dionne Adessa launches Rise in Love with You Movement

Dionne Adessa

Having lived in multiple countries during her early childhood years has helped to mold Dionne Adessa into a master communicator.

The continental style influencer/media personality was born in London and lived there briefly before moving to St. Croix in 1994. A few years later she migrated to the US where she attended high school and college.

Dionne Adessa launched her media career in 2009 with an online TV show called ‘Le Styliste,’ Memoirs of a Styloholic which she produced and hosted. She also did a radio show called ‘The Style of Thinking.’

Wanting to make a greater impact on the world she became a Certified Life Coach in 2012 and wrote and published her first book; LOL – Lessons of Life: for the young adult. Shortly after the book was released, Dionne Adessa began her public speaking career.

“Being a life coach, an author, and an inspirational speaker has given me an excellent opportunity to help other people to improve themselves and live life to the fullest. Helping people is something that I am very passionate about.”

Dionne Adessa recently entered the self-help industry with her the Rise in Love with You Movement, which was launched on the 11th of January 2016. With this movement, she plans to help millions of women around the world to embrace their natural beauty and self-worth in order to live a more fulfilled life.

“Rise in Love with You comes from an extremely deeper part of me and does not only come from my work as an inspirational speaker and Life Coach: It is everything that I have lived, every breath that I have taken, every tear that I have cried and every smile I have smiled.  I want to inspire people to recognize their authentic power and beauty. I want them to love themselves and be strong and grow and achieve their goals,” said the Dionne Adessa.

Website: www.DionneAdessa.com

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