Dexta Daps Brings Fan Back on Stage

Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps

According to our source, dancehall artiste, Dexta Daps is this morning being applauded for his act of kindness towards a fan while performing in  Tobago recently.

The deejay was performing his hit song, Shabba Madda Pot when the fan attempted to join him on stage.

After managing to get up on stage, a security officer who was present sought to push him off, landing him back in the audience.

And while Dexta Daps did not address the security, he continued his performance and reached out to the fan, helping him back to the stage.

The elated fan was later handed the microphone by Dexta Daps and he did not hesitate to belt out lyrics that had the huge crowd in a frenzy.

Fans all over social media have nothing but good words to say about Dexta Daps.

“Nah lie me love this bad. Dexta me rate you even more fi this,” one social media user said.

 “Yow big up u self Dexta real youth, do real tings we are all one, mi respect that,” another commented.

Some persons even took the time to appreciate the fan’s talent.

“I wish we could have heard sound like ah young Bounty Killer, Yes ah Nah,” the comment read.

Source: Jamaica Star

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