Delightful Coconut Curried Shrimp at Satiable Delights Cafe


I am always in a good mood after having a wonderfully satisfying meal at any time of the day and right now my mood is up up up, all because palate had a good time with the coconut curried shrimp I had for dinner today.

So I decided to have dinner at Satiable Delight Cafe today. It is a clean and cozy cafe located in Sovereign Village, Portmore, St. Catherine Jamaica. Very nice place.

When I walked in the first thing that caught my attention was the warm smile from the female cashier, who told me about their specials for the day, which was jerk chicken and curried goat served with rice and peas, but my eyes caught the regular menu board and there it was boldly standing out among every thing else, “COCONUT CURRIED SHRIMP”. If you know me well, you would know that I love anything with coconut flavour, I love curry flavour and I am a sucker for seafood, especially shrimps.

So my meal started off with a very appetizing red peas soup (that coconut flavour was strong and I loved it), followed with my Shrimp in a top class coconut curried sauce, nicely plated with garlic mashed potatoes, carrots, green peas, and to top it all off, crispy fried green plantains.

I enjoyed every bite of my meal at Satiable Delights Cafe. I must congratulate the chef for preparing an outstanding meal and the serving staff was wonderful. Kudos guys and see you soon.


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