DAZZLE B Interview

Queen Gee interviews Donavan Reid, a talented Reggae and Dancehall Artiste popularly known as Dazzle B, who hails from Kingston Jamaica.

Queen Gee: Tell us about your music background and history?

Dazzle B: My musical journey started off at a tender age in high school where I discovered my talent for writing songs, putting rhymes together and entertaining friends. I started perusing my dreams with my first song, “Aint One Thing” on a compilation in 2005 and from there no turning back.

Queen Gee: Do you specialize in a particular musical genre?

Dazzle B: Yes, I specialize in Reggae and Dancehall music.

Queen Gee: What motivates your brand of music?

Dazzle B: Just listening to music and the love that I have for the art on a whole motivates me.

Queen Gee: Who are your biggest influences?

Dazzle B: Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz, Sizzler, Biggie Small and Bob Marley.

Queen Gee: Who does your music target?

Dazzle B: A wide variety of people. I write songs that relates to all type of situation; my music has no bounds.

Queen Gee: Tell us about your latest project.

Dazzle B: My latest project is a single called ‘Almighty’. It is doing well so far, getting a lot of airplay locally and internationally.

Queen Gee: What feedback are you receiving from promotion of your latest project?

Dazzle B: The feedback is overwhelming and for that I am grateful.

Queen Gee: Where online is your music available for streaming and purchase?

Dazzle B: My songs are available on iTunes and other digital platforms.

Queen Gee: Are there any plans for upcoming concerts/tours for 2019?

Dazzle B: Right now I am booked to perform in the UK on a reggae festival coming up this year. Locally shows are always coming up here and there.

Queen Gee: Who would you like to shout out for supporting your music career?

Dazzle B: I want to shout out Askell, D-Dot from The Riddim Nation, Rahno, Voltage, Reggae Release, Empress T from Always Reggae Radio in the UK, Bailey Bwoy from Roots 96.1 FM, Bucky Ital, Bassy and Bigs from Gorilla Music.

Queen Gee: Do you promote your music on Social Media?

Dazzle B: Information about me and my music can be found on Facebook @ Donovan Reid and Instagram @ Dazzle B

Queen Gee: How can you be contacted for bookings?

Dazzle B: For bookings in Canada USA & Jamaica, Email: shinado@reggaerelease.com | Telephone: 18767719218 and in the UK – Email: alwaysreggaeradio@gmail.com | Telephone: 447972375754

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