‘Dancing With The Devil’ by Magic Flute

Dancing with the Devil by Magic Flute

Reggae Singer Magic Flute who hails from Palmer’s Cross in Clarendon, Jamaica encourages us in ‘Dancing with the Devil’ to be an advocate for our children.

Be an advocate for children

“Violence against children is a multifaceted issue with lasting effects that extend beyond the individual and their immediate surroundings. Millions of children are kidnapped, trafficked and abused each year, with many unfortunately meeting an untimely ending. The ones who are fortunate to survive, often time struggle to reintegrate themselves in a world that did not do enough to protect them. As it is today, our society grapples with ways to completely protect our children, but the important message here is that it starts with you and it starts with me. The current state of the world begs for us to realign our priorities and to refocus our efforts in preserving the next generation. By taking on the responsibility of not only advocating on their behalf, but being able to recognize abuse whether physically, emotionally, psychologically and alerting the appropriate authorities is a step forward in bringing about systemic change.” – Magic Flute

Production Information

  • Singer: Magic Flute
  • Producer: Macten Records
  • Musical Director: Ricky Myrie
  • Bass: David Sinclair
  • Recording: Michael Williamson – Flego Studio
  • Mixed by: Cleveland Browne – Up so Studio
  • Cinematography: Terminal4Media

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