Dancehall Veterans Bounty Killa & Beenie Man

I saw this photograph of Dancehall Veterans Bounty Killa and Beenie Man and instantly loved it! I had to share it with you.

I remember back in the days when they couldn’t even stand each other. Always feuding lyrically. Their fans were so caught up in it that some fought physically. As for me, I love and respect both artistes, and their contribution to dancehall music over the years, but I still cant see the reason they were always encouraged to clash.

Well from a business point of view it worked for promoters and promotionally for both artistes, but I still believe they are different lyrically, etc. To me Beenie sings for the ladies and more of a party kinda vibe, while Bounty is more hardcore and for the real “War Lord” dancehall setting.

Just my views…no matter what…I love them both. JUST HAD TO SHARE THE PIC…LOVE IT!

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