Music Video of the Day: Daddy Yuh Gone by Black Dice

Daddy Yuh Gone music video of the day

The Featured Music Video:

Recording Artiste, Black Dice expresses his feelings in this tribute to his father who passed on, in Daddy Yuh Gone.

Daddy Yuh Gone is a Yaadhustle Records production. Watch the video below:

About Black Dice:

Been encouraged by is earlier exploits in 2011 Mchuel now widely known as Black Dice entered the Tastee Talent Competition placing in the top 5 of the competition. This was even a greater encouragement for the hard-working Black Dice. Boyd by his early successes and passion for music he began visiting many studios and recording singles.

Black Dice has worked with a few noted producers such as Yaadhusle, Swing Song Productions and Mark Francis of Gabash Entertainment. Mark Francis went on to become his 1st manager and he also has had a great impact and influence on his musical journey so far.

Even thou Dice had to endure the loss of his father and later his 1St manager Mark Francis he remains steadfast to his goals and his musical journey. Since 2011 he has since been signed to Voices for Climate Change which has allowed him to gain even greater exposure and opportunity for him to further develop his craft.

Black Dice Father's Day Tribute Feature

As a result he as travel the length and breadth of the island and by so doing as attracted a large following and as somewhat earned the respect of his ever growing fan base, some of whom have become very familiar with the Black Dice trade mark “Slickin!!!!” which has become a signature slang every time he hits the stage.

Read more about Black Dice and his music journey.

Father’s Day Weekend Wishes:

Sending love and well wishes to all daddies this Father’s Day Weekend. Some of our daddies have gone on, but you will always be in our hearts.

“The greatest mark of a father is how he treats his children when no one is looking.” —Dan Pearce

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