Colah Colah Hits The Charts With Up Up Up

Colah Colah 3

Reggae singer Colah Colah is riding a wave of success with his single titled “Up Up Up”.

The song that is featured on his recently released album titled Unstoppable is currently number five on the popular Stampede Street Charts.

“This song is a winner, it’s getting a lot of love in the streets, it has caught the attention of the Jamaican people. Everywhere I go people are asking me to sing it for them,” said the artiste.

Colah Colah whose real name is Stephan Bygrave recently did a month long promotional tour of New York in support of his album.

“I received a very warm response in New York City while I was there I did several radio and television interviews. I also did some shows; all my appearances were well received. The people in New York really love my music,” he said.

Colah Colah is also doing well with another single called The Power of Music that was recorded in tandem with Andrew Tosh who is the son of Reggae legend Peter Tosh.

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