Chuckle Berry Set to Roll Out Kush Kash Brand in 2016

Reggae Artiste Chuckle Berry

Dancehall artiste Chuckle Berry is in a jubilant mood as he prepares to launch his Kush Kash clothing line.

Last year the Deejay announced plans to launch the Kush Kash brand in 2016, and he’s doing everything to make it a reality.

“I’m working with a very talented team of designers and manufacturers on this project. We plan to roll out the Kush Kash clothing line before the end of the first quarter. We are going to release a unique line of T-Shirts, Hoodies and Baseballs caps for the local and overseas markets,” he said.

After the clothing line is released, Chuckle Berry plans to take on the health food market with his Kush Kash protein drink and water.

“Once everything is fully up and running with the clothing line we are going enter the health food business. We are currently doing our research, and we have seen where there’s a need for a variety of products, and we intend to put these products on the market before the end of 2016,” said Chuckle Berry.

Chuckle Berry recently shot the video for his single titled Kush Kash after which the clothing was named.

“The video was shot in Vancouver; it’s currently being edited. I can’t wait to put it out and see how the fans will react to it.”

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