Chrisinti Is Fully Anointed


Reggae singer Chrisinti believes that the time has come for Reggae artistes to step up to the plate and return the genre to a position of dominance on the world stage.

“In the early days, Reggae music was one of the most dominant genres of music worldwide. Our music inspired freedom fighters in faraway places like Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. It awoke the social consciousness of the masses in other parts of the world too in places like Europe, the UK, the US and the Far East,” said Chrisinti.

He continued, “Nowadays, it looks like the fire has gone out of the music. Reggae artistes need to remember that Reggae music is supposed to provide nourishment for the mind and the soul. Reggae music is supposed to be uplifting and inspiring.”

Staying true to the path that was created by the greats who came before him Chrisinti recently released a soul-stirring single titled My Trod (Fully Anointed).

Chrisinti Is Fully Anointed

The single that was produced by Reggae Vibes Productions was released two months ago as part of the Cinderella Rhythm compilation album.

“This single is doing really well; it’s getting a lot of support from DJs all over the world. I’m also getting positive feedback from my fans in Jamaica, the US, Africa and Europe about it,” he said.

The video for My Trod (Fully Anointed) was filmed and directed by US-based film director ALO The Radio God.

“The video was released a week ago; it’s getting a lot of rotation on HYPE TV, it’s also getting a lot of hits on youtube. Things are going very well. I have to big up my brand manager, Star ReggaeBeat and my publicist Ralston Barrett. They are doing a fantastic job on this project.”

Chrisinti is getting ready to release a follow-up single to My Trod (Fully Anointed). The name of this new track is Into Eternity. 

Into Eternity is produced by Ralston Barrett and is slated to be released this summer.

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