Chabano Nkani on a musical high

Reggae Singer Chabano Nkani believes that there’s that still place for lovers rock music in Jamaica and other parts of the world.

“I’m not giving up on lovers rock music, dancehall music is the hottest thing right now, but lovers rock has never gone out of style. Lovers rock music was most dominant in the 1970’s, but it’s still a strong force today. People love good love songs, there’s nothing like a good love song with a sweet melody,” said the artiste.

The multi-talented entertainer/producer says although he records a lot of lovers rock songs he does not want to be labelled as a lovers rock artiste.

“Most of the songs I’ve released so far can be classified as lovers rock, but I don’t believe musical labels. I’m a versatile singer and I don’t believe in limiting myself musically. I can record any genre of music and still sound great. There are two dancehall tracks my album, Party and Can’t Cheat,” he said.

Chabano Nkani is currently enjoying much attention with his single titled Let Me Hold You. The artiste produced the song and released it on his Isle Of Springs label in May. Since then it has enjoyed heavy rotation on several local radio stations including HITZ 92 FM and IRIE FM.

“This song is doing very well, it’s getting strong support from radio DJs in Jamaica, and it’s also starting to get some support in other territories including the US, Canada and Europe,” said Chabano Nkani.

Chabano Nkani is currently putting the finishing touch on his soon to be released EP.

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