Top 10 Video Cart

This is a top 10 video chart that was designed to showcase new reggae/dancehall videos to reggae/dancehall fans around the globe weekly. Fans will then vote for the video that will be placed NUMBER ONE each week!! Videos that enter the chart are chosen from submissions.

This week’s NUMBER ONE video “Glory” by Hylita entered the chart last week at number 8. Congrats to Hylita and team.

Click on the icon at the top left of the video (1/10) to listen all 10 songs.

Thanks to all voters for supporting the artistes on the chart. Keep voting to support reggae and… Continue reading

Daddy Yuh Gone by Black Dice continues its dominance on the chart, remaining in the number one position. Please check out the video on YouTube, like and leave a comment to show your support.

There are two new entries on the chart this week: VIJAHN – KUNTA KINTE PICKNEY entering at number 3 and LILKIDAYO… Continue reading

Daddy Yuh Gone by Black Dice is back in the number one slot after moving to second place on July 27, making way for Sexy Body by the Jamaican group X-ALE. Fans voted the song back in the number one position shortly before the chart took a short hiatus. We are elated to be back… Continue reading