Almost Never Count by Lutan Fyah and Iyah Syte

Almost Never Count by Lutan Fyah and Iyah Syte cover

The anticipated collaboration of Lutan Fyah and Iyah Syte “Almost Never Count” premiered on YouTube on July 31, 2020. IYAH AND FYAH are on a mission to convey a message of hope and resilience! “Opportunity we want we Nuh want Champagne…” The song was produced by Kevin Hill, CEO of 24/7 Music Production LLC, recorded at Fyah Royal and SmartKids Studio, and mix and mastered by Smart Kids. The music video was produced by Richard McIntosh of Giggles Imaging and Video Production. It was shot in Portmore and Montego Bay, Jamaica. Watch ‘Almost Never Count’

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‘Dancing With The Devil’ by Magic Flute

Dancing with the Devil by Magic Flute

Reggae Singer Magic Flute who hails from Palmer’s Cross in Clarendon, Jamaica encourages us in ‘Dancing with the Devil’ to be an advocate for our children. Be an advocate for children “Violence against children is a multifaceted issue with lasting effects that extend beyond the individual and their immediate surroundings. Millions of children are kidnapped, trafficked and abused each year, with many unfortunately meeting an untimely ending. The ones who are fortunate to survive, often time struggle to reintegrate themselves in a world that did not do enough to protect them. As it is today, our society grapples with ways to completely protect our children, but the important message here is that it starts with you and it starts with […]

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