Nickeishia Barnes Interview

1. What is your real name? Nickeishia Barnes 2. What is your stage name? Nickeishia Barnes 3. Where are you originally from? I am originally from Arnett Gardens in Kingston Jamaica. 4. What are your hobbies? I love singing, writing songs and poems, listening to music, reading, and watching television. 5. When and why did you start singing professionally? I started singing professionally at age 13 and this was from the support of my older brothers, who were upcoming songwriters and producers themselves. 6. What motivated your decision to do music? Music gave me the opportunity to speak my truth and to be heard. 7. Which local and international singer/s influenced your style of music? My musical taste and style […]

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Rastafarian Roots Reggae Singer HOSNY BRONX Interview

HOSNY BRONX is as Rastafarian singer, composer and author, who have been creating a positive impact as a Roots Reggae Musician. In an interview with Hosny Bronx we found out that the artiste was born in Paris, but travels all over the world due to his music career. He still resides in Paris, but also lives in New York, USA. He is an incredible artiste, who enjoys working on his music, playing sport, fishing as well as go to the mountains. HOSNY BRONX Interview: 1. What lead you to become singer? I started playing professionally when I was younger. I learned to play music and sing all by myself and set up a band, then released my first album. Then […]

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