Tommy Tee “Still Can Make It” Video

The official video for Still Can Make It, which was recorded by Reggae Singer Tommy Tee and produced by Ghetto Life Records was released on YouTube on October 8, 2018. According to Tommy Tee, “This video was done by my team Clock Work Filmz. I’ve been preaching to always keep on trying and this video is perfect motivation.”  Meet Tommy Tee: A man on a mission trying to make a positive change, making sacrifices to offer kindness! Born Wade Thompson on November 6, 1973 and raised in a district known as Banbury, located approximately 19 miles NW of Kingston and nestled within the small town of Linstead, in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. Entertainer Tommy T recognised his talent during his formative years […]

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Gia Yee Releases “Anything” & “My Avatar” Lyric Videos

Recording artiste Gia Yee released two new lyric videos titled ANYTHING and MY AVATAR on YouTube. They were both published on October 31, 2018 and are now promoted on all social media platforms. Both Anything and My Avatar are new singles from Gia Yee’s “Reggae Prescription” LP album, which was released in August of this year. The album songs include conscious reggae tracks “GASLIT”, “BOTH FEET”, “ERASED”, and “ANYTHING”; two renditions of a ska influenced song “NOTE TO SELF”; a funk infused ‘Far East meets West Indies’ cultural blending mix called “YO RASTA”; a Dancehall and EDM influence tune entitled “MY AVATAR”; a tropical vibes track called “ISLAND NIGHTS”; and the ballad of “RASTA JACK”. Considering the artists’ Jamaican roots […]

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