Shivaun Rufus “Judgement Day”

Shivaun Rufus also known as Shivaun was born on April 11,1992 in Kingston, Jamaica to parents Clinton Rufus (from the Gladiators band) and Mother Irene Rufus. Shivaun began singing and performing at church at the tender age of 4. In 1996 she attended Brown’s Little People Prep school, where she continued to thrill audiences at special events. She began to further “Let her light shine” while a student at Meadowbrook High School in 2014, by participating in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) drama, dance and music festivals. She received gold, silver and bronze medals for solo and group pieces for her outstanding performances. Performing arts has always been an integral part of her life and this is shared with […]

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What have you been up to Wormbass?

Reggae Singer Wormbass

Reggae Singer and Bass Guitarist Wormbass shares with us what he has been up to lately, and says: “Well usually I would be on tour in Europe about this time of year with “ Inna Di Yaad”. However we’ve all had to rearrange our routines this year haven’t we? I’ve personally been taking these changes in strides and have been using the time to reconnect with my family, myself and my craft. I have been using 2020 as an opportunity to reconnect with Mama Earth and have found great joy in spending the last couple months farming food for my family. I have just recently reaped the final harvest and in a time where the future seems uncertain is a […]

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