Lyric Videos for BOTH FEET, GASLIT and YO RASTA by Gia Yee

Reggae Singer Gia Yee shared lyric videos for three (3) featured songs on her new album “Reggae Release” with fans on her Facebook profile on Friday September 7, 2018. The featured songs are BOTH FEET, GASLIT and YO RASTA. THE ALBUM: Reflective of her journey, Gia describes her album REGGAE PRESCRIPTION as a cultural roots reggae fusion mix – with some ska beats and dancehall drum lines, and hints of classic funk and vinyl, R&B and electronic dance music. The LP song list includes consciousness-raising tracks “GASLIT”, “ERASED”, “BOTH FEET”, and “ANYTHING”; an upbeat funk infused cultural blending love song called “YO RASTA”, featuring the hidden DJ chanting talents of her producer Mr. Kirk Gayle (aka Neil Keys); two renditions […]

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Gia Yee Releases “YO RASTA” Single

“YO RASTA” by Gia Yee, featuring Neil Keys was released on August 21, 2018 on the One Heart Entertainment Label. The song is a funk infused reggae dance tune – a cultural blending love song, with a cultural blending of musical vibes. It’s a single from Gia Yee’s new upcoming album REGGAE PRESCRIPTION, which fuses Gia Yee’s smooth reggae style with the fun and energetic DJ chants of Jamaican music artist Neil Keys. STREAM “YO RASTA” ON REVERBNATION

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