Talio Drops ‘Mumps Inna Mi Pocket’

Fast-rising dancehall artiste Talio has high hopes for his latest single titled Mumps Inna Mi Pocket. The song which was produced by CD Banging on the Dancehall Banger rhythm is slated to be released on the 2nd of March on the Bangology Records imprint. Talio is confident that the song which is the follow-up to his highly successful single titled Gallop & Wine which sparked a major dance craze last summer will be a huge success. “I have a strong feeling that this song is going to be even more popular than Gallop & Wine. The feedback I am getting about it is very positive, it’s already getting a lot of airplay, and it’s also getting a lot of love […]

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Ozioma; Translates to “Good Tidings…The Message”. African in origin; from the indigenous Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

A Daughter of Zion, Alicia “Ozioma” Woods was born on the mystical Island of Jamaica. As her African ancestral name translates to “Good Tidings/The Message”…speaking our truth, singing about our struggles, triumphs and our joy. She was affectionately named by her grandma, Ozioma, which transcends all coasts to connect her spiritually to her roots. Her sound is natural, soft and sultry which moves with ease as the tropical breeze of her island home. She invokes a new texture of sound that will inspire a whole new generation, a sound coming out of the “Rock” that will speak in her traditional tones.  Ozioma’s passion for music is shared by her mom who has influenced her creativity and is her number one fan. […]

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