Captivating Singer/Songwriter Shaneika

A new star has risen in the West and is set to captivate music lovers with her outstanding talent and unique style of music.

Shaneika Hibbert hails from the beautiful Bluefields community, which is ideally nestled between the luscious hills of Central Westmoreland and the welcoming beach that forms part of the west coast.

She is a very passionate and intelligent lyricist, whose writing skills and ability was easily honed through her love for reading, writing and communicating with others. This added to her harmonious sound which was developed from constantly singing ever since she was a child, helped her decision to start a professional singing career in early 2017.

We conducted an interview with Shaneika after watching her music video titled “Love it When you Like it” and realize that “another star is born”.


Why did you decide to start doing music professionally? Because of the passion and love I have for the music, and the motivation I get from my fans whenever I perform.

Which singers influenced your style of music? Locally Marcia Griffiths, Alaine, Etana and Tessanne Chin. International Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson.

Do you play any instruments? No, but my dream is to play the piano.

What musical genre do you perform? Cultural Reggae, Souls and Dancehall.

Name some of the songs you have recorded to date. Good love, Love it when you like it and Fly; all doing great locally and international. I have been working with producer Caroline St. George, founder of Cottage9 Records, to put out the best.

Since you started doing music, have you gotten the opportunity to perform at events? Yes, I have performed at Sugar Cane Ball, ‘The Release Innovation’ College Tour (CVM TV), Petersfield All Food Fest, Miss Hopewell and Pier One Open Mic.

Have you done any collaboration since the start of your career? Oh yes I have done collabs with dancehall artiste Future Fambo and I am looking forward to doing more with other artistes including Christopher Martin, Romaine Virgo and Ray Z.

How do you intend to balance your new music career with other obligations, such as job, family, etc? I acknowledging the fact that there’s a place and time for everything so that should knowledge will help me balance things.

Starting a new career and getting things right in as already established industry can be very frustrating, how do you deal with this situation to get over the bumps, to focus on being successful? My grandmother’s firm teaching which motivates me on a daily basis, keeps me reminded that no matter what may come or happen, stand as a strong woman and always remember that god is in control.

What are you projects are you currently working on? Am currently working on a video shoot and couple singles.

What is your most outstanding achievement since becoming a singer? My most outstanding achievement is the official release of my hit single “Love it When you Like it”, on the Cottage9 Records Label.

What can fans expect from you in terms of stage performance and new releases? My fans can look out for more of my performance in several places in Jamaica on a stage near you, as well as new singles soon to be release like Good Love, Tonight, Fly and more.

For more information about Shaneika visit:
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Instagram – Shaneika Hibbert artist
Facebook – Shaneika Hibbert
You tube channel – Cottage9 Records

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