Boosh Kash’s “Better Days’ EP Available on iTunes

Better Days Cover

VP Records announces the release of Reggae Singer Boosh Kash’s “Better Days” EP, which is available at iTunes. The album was released by the VP Records distributing channel – VPAL Music on Tuesday January 20, 2015.

The artiste and his management team are happy that this announcement came during the period that rigorous promotion is ongoing to sensitize Boosh Kash’s fans and reggae music supporters about the album, through radio interviews, online promotions and publications on popular online entertainment magazines.

The EP is consisted of six songs with positive messages such as the title track “BETTER DAYS”, featuring Trustar; “MAKE A CHANGE”, featuring Pipa and Mermaid; “DO IT AGAIN”; and “DONT BURN BRIDGES”. It also features a lover’s rock song titled “SPEND SOME TIME” and “GAL WEN YUH WHINE”, which is party song featuring Jamaican Rapper, T.Dot City.

The second song on the EP “GAL WEN YUH WHINE” is already receiving its fair share of radio rotation and is also being played in clubs across Jamaica. A video shoot was already done for this particular song which will be released at an early date.

Better Days:

  1. “SPEND SOME TIME”, produced by Flex Rich Records
  2. “GAL WEN YUH WHINE” featuring T.DOT”, produced by Boosh Kash Music
  3. “DO IT AGAIN”, produced by Flex Rich Records
  4. “BETTER DAYS”, featuring Trustar, produced by Firmyadd Records
  5. “MAKE A CHANGE”, featuring Pipa and Mermaid, produced by Boosh Kash Music;
  6. “DONT BURN BRIDGES”, produced by Flex Rich Records

To download your copy of the song, click here to visit iTunes.

Boosh Kash can also be found at: 

Mystique Entertainment

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