Boosh Kash’s “Better Days” Album to Be Released By VP Records

BKJamaican Reggae Singer Boosh Kash is elated that his latest album “Better Days” will be release to his fans by V.P. Records on Tuesday January 20, 2015.

The album features six songs that are enriched with lyrics that are geared to any audience, as it speaks about hope, loyalty, love, romance and much more.

Boosh Kash has worked with producers such as Flex Rich Records, Firm Yard Records and Rising Sun Records, as well as his independent production to record over 40 singles and two mixed tapes namely, “Pepper Chocolate” and “Better Days”. He has done collaborations with numerous artists including Flex Rich, T.Dot City, Fada Bookie and True Stars.

 “Better Days” is compiled of songs such as:

  1. “SPEND SOME TIME”, produced by Flex Rich Records
  2. “GAL WEN YUH WHINE” featuring T.DOT”, produced by Boosh Kash Music
  3. “DO IT AGAIN”, produced by Flex Rich Records
  4. “BETTER DAYS”, featuring Trustar, produced by Firmyadd Records
  5. “MAKE A CHANGE”, featuring Pipa and Mermaid, produced by Boosh Kash Music;
  6. “DONT BURN BRIDGES”, produced by Flex Rich Records

The artiste is currently working with Richard Brown Films in Westmoreland, Jamaica to produce the video for “Gal Wen Yuh Whine”. The song is already enjoying rotation at parties all over Jamaica; as such Boosh Kash decided to do the video for all his fans to enjoy. The artiste is looking to release the video February 2015.

Fans can also look forward to new productions in early 2015 as the artistes are currently working on new singles. He also looks forward to performing for his fans all over the globe.

More information about the Boosh Kash: 

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