Blessed collaborates with Walshy Fire and The Expanders on new single

Jamaican born Canadian reggae artiste Blessed recently teamed up with international music producer Walshy Fire (of Major Lazer) and the Los Angeles reggae band The Expanders to record his new single titled Money Don’t Grow on Trees.

The song that was recorded on the Thanks for Life rhythm which was created by the Expanders was released as a part of a 13-song compilation in October.

Since its release Money Don’t Grow on Trees has consistently enjoyed heavy rotation in several territories including Canada, the US, Europe and the Caribbean.

“This song is doing great; it’s getting a lot of attention worldwide. Money Don’t Grow on Trees is a topic that many people can relate to, I think that’s a part of the reason why the song is doing so well,” said Blessed.

He also added, “Walshy Fire is a fantastic producer, and the Expanders is an amazing band. I’m currently working a new project with them which I’m very excited about. I’m, also working a project with VPal Records.”

Money Don’t Grow on Trees is currently sitting in the number 9 spot on the Canadian Rebel Vibez Top Ten Chart.

Blessed is a 2-time Juno Award Winner; in 2002 copped the prestigious Canadian award for the Best Reggae Recording, with a song titled Love (African Woman) and he won again in the same category in 2006 with Reggae Time.

Blessed was born Peter Skinner; he originally hails from Seaforth Town, St. Thomas.

He moved to Canada at the age of twelve, after leaving high school, he launched his career by performing on the Redd Flames sound-system in Toronto.

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