Artwell’s Elite Event & Catering Services

Ragland Artwell Founder & CEO Artwell's Elite Events & Services

Ragland Artwell Founder & CEO Artwell’s Elite Events & Services

Many companies host corporate events annually for internal and external reasons. Whatever the reason, it is very important that to know how to plan your event.  It is even more important to hire a professional caterer to assist you with planning and delivering the right menu.

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Hiring an individual or company that offers professional catering service will be top priority. For this reason I am recommending Artwell’s Elite Event & Catering Services in Montego Bay, Jamaica who have an excellent track record in providing this service for corporate events.

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Over the past five (5) years they have been providing high quality service to companies such as Sandals and Vista Print. They have maintained good relationship with these companies because of their commitment to create unforgettable memories by providing top quality cuisines – in appropriate quantities, at the best value, while providing the most exceptional service and to always exceed the expectations of their valued customers no matter how big or small the event.

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Make the right choice!!! Your guests and employees would unquestionably be thankful for your choice and of course they will no doubt enjoy the various cuisines that will be prepared by the wonderful and customer friendly staff of Artwell’s Elite Event & Catering Services!!!


Founder & C.E.O. Ragland Artwell
10 Sunset Boulevard, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 320-7918/317-1901


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