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Reggae Artiste Tr3mma Jr.

tr3mma jr

The feeling is almost the same when you take in the lyrics and sound of Tr3mma Jr. formerly known as Singing White. Not only will he rock you with his rhythmic wails, but you will be moved by his messages of love, anti- violence and responsibility.

Born in Grants Pen Kingston Jamaica, Tr3mma’s love for music emerged at a very young age and he began singing at the tender age of 10 years old, His music style was heavily influenced by two of his musical idols, Sanchez and Wayne Wonder. It is through them that Tr3mma Jr. developed his love for Lovers Rock and cultural music, which he endeavours to sing today.

Known as Singing White he made his first single ‘You Decorated My Life’ by Kenny Rogers for Sonic Sound Label in 1987. Whilst this was a dream come true his most elevating moment came in the early 90’s when he sang a duet ‘Amazing Grace’ with Sanchez at a stage show in Standpipe Liguanea.

Singing Whites next single ‘World Dance’ was sang alongside Rudy Stepper for Bogle (Mr. Waky), he then went on to compose two more singles under this name Tr3mma, titled ‘Blood a Run’ in 1995 produced by Mikey Bradey for Thunderbird Label and ‘Give Thanks’ for the Mother Liza Label, before going on to England in 1998, where he continued to pursue his musical career.

There he met producer (Topnail Banton),He went on to release ‘Let it Burn’ by Usher for Stone Love Label, ‘If I Let You Go’ (remix) by Westlife for Topnail Muzik production, ‘Swear It All Over Again’ by Westlife for Vibes Corner Label on the Silk Riddim. Topnail Banton is still a driving force behind Tr3mma Jr’s Music career until this day. Tr3mma is also featured in ‘Famous’ with Archer and CoCo (this video can be viewed on Youtube).

It was in England that Tr3mma Jr. turned his sights towards producing and so played a more active role in the production of his music, he also put more focus into his already well established song writing abilities – as he felt that was a way he could get his messages out to the world.

He admires the lyrics of the American rapper Naz and says that he would love to do collaboration with him, as well as Ludicris, whom he describes as having a unique sound.

Tr3mma’s debut album “Question” is out now and available on iTunes stores.  It comprises an extensive variety of songs and topics, some of which are bound to capture political debate. This album embraces sentiments of the calibration with one of the UK’s most creative but underrated musician/producer Danny (DANMAN) Donaldson at Hit Room Production.

Tr3mma has aspirations that extend far beyond singing and performing alone; he is in the process of setting up his own record label and anticipates helping other young aspiring artist to enter into the music industry in the near future.

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tremma jr

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