Artiste Promotions


 Mystique Public Relations is an agency that operates as a public relations and communications specialist. Our main focus is to cultivate and maintain the image of a music artiste by working alongside other music professionals.

We can develop your public and media relations through our strong communication skills, as well as knowledge of the Internet and other new media formats. In addition to speaking for our clients, we also create press releases and speeches for press conferences, interviews, and other important events.

We consider the importance and necessity of career opportunities for our clients, such as working with charities and non-profit organizations, going on tour, promotional appearances, or interviews. As such, we assist with promoting tours, albums and campaigns for these opportunities to increase exposure and generate sales.

Grow your brand through Effective Public Relations!

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Address: Edgewater, Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Telephone: 876-343-8530/844-8699


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