Abyssinian’s Bernard Collins Celebrates His Birthday at Redbones

Founding member of the Abyssinians, Bernard Collins celebrated his 70th birthday on March 29, 2018.

To mark this special milestone, Bernard gave an astounding performance to an audience that couldn’t get enough of the group’s most popular song “Satta Massagana“, which was recorded in 1969, among other hits that he performed from their rich catalog.

The event was held at Redbones Blues Café, 1 Argyle Road in Kingston Jamaica, an establishment that is well known for its fine dining services and entertainment.

Bernard Collins and his melodious backing vocalists were accompanied by outstanding players of instruments including: Dalton Brownie and Jacobs – guitar, Robbie Lyn – organ, Pau Dangla Valls – keyboard, Mikey Fletcher – bass , Everald Wray – trumpet & trombone, ISax In Jah – saxophone and Aubrey (Prince) Manning – drum.

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