VP Records Set to Launch “Love Spell” Album in April

Love Spell Album Cover

Love Spell Album Cover

Who said hypnosis was only performed by therapists! “Love Spell” the latest album produced by PBR Productions Company/Record Label, New York is sure to have you spell bound. “Love Spell” is a various artistes reggae album, consisting of sixteen (16) great songs.


Instantaneously you’re   instructed to “Come Over Girl” and “Embrace Me”, and ladies you will selflessly obey! Talk about spell bound when you find yourself meditating, after listening No Lymitt’s “Fi Mi God”. And guess what? That’s just the beginning! Song after song you can’t contain how uplifted you feel. “The album is about love, being thankful and living good,” says Executive Producer, Fabian Johnson. This is the very essence of life itself nicely resting against the musical notes and revealing itself in every tune.


 The combined force and energy of the album was duly impressive as the artistes are charged with powerful messages in each song. “Love Spell” is positively relatable and will undoubtedly connect with you on the highest level. Even more fascinating however, is the fact that most of the artistes aren’t the most famous in the industry.


Ranging from lovers rock like “Embrace Me” by Jah Fucha, “Love Ya” by Ratigan, to the social commentary of Element’s “Ghetto Youths”, “Raining Down On Me” and Imawni’s “Mr Bigman”, the album showcases versatility and sheer talent.


Garth Dell’s commendation on the excellent quality of the track/sound production, the high calibre of the artiste and the smooth arrangement of the songs came as no surprise as Richard Johnson’s one drop rhythm brought back the roots of reggae.


Old school reggae is known to set the vibes in the dance; it pulls the crowd in and gets them rocking and grooving. This album does just that! The songs are contagious and compelling because of their ability to unite people of all ages. From the smooth love songs, to the voicing of social ills and politics “Love Spell” captures the mainstream sound by being silky smooth, hardcore and hype all at same time. Song after song the magical prowess continued to unwind.


“Love Spell” is an inspiring production entwined and embedded with groove, truth and something hypnotic! The lyrical potency of the artistes is commendable and undeniably refreshing for the music industry. The album embodies the key features of reggae music and its distinct sound which many artistes today are moving away from. It has a classical sound which transcends all boundaries just like our early reggae singers such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Beres Hammond. Their music is still relevant and loved today. Similarly, “Love Spell” has a timeless quality and will still be loved decades from now.


Reggae lovers will be able to purchase their copy of “Love Spell” soon, as the album is set to launch on Tuesday April 1, 2014 by the internationally recognized distributing company, VP Records and Distributors.
Album Produced by: PBR Productions New York
Love Spell Rhythm Produced by: Richard Johnson
Album: Love Spell
Come over girl- Andrae Carter
Embrace Me- Jah Fucha
Fi Mi God- No Lymitt
Ghetto Youths- Element
It’s Your Love- Fyakin
Love Spell- Bizzle Askari
Love Ya- Ratigan
Magic- Jay Stutta ft. J.C
Miss Merle- Anointed
Mr Bigman- Imawni
Photo Friend- Fabian Sommerville
Raining Down on Me- Element
Rise- Trilla U
See it in your eyes- Classical Escka
Seek Jah First- Exile Di Brave
Something- B.Fortune

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