’24 Eden Garden Kingston 10’ Artiste Dmitri Izem

Powerful name for a powerful new artiste…DMITRI IZEM!!!

Dmitri Ashawni Rasheed Cummings was born in Whitehall, Kingston, Jamaica, but spent most of his life in Stony Hill, St. Andrew. He was born with a purpose and that is to reach people with powerful messages through words and sounds.

After understanding his purpose, he took on the name DMITRI IZEM and began writing music for everyone to enjoy, but he is more focused on teaching about love and upfulness as is evident in his songs.

Dmitri Izem was faced with opposition from his parents when they first knew that he wanted to do music, but later they gave him their blessings on his journey to a meaningful career in music. The artiste shared that, “As is the case with most families they didn’t approve at first, but as time passed by they began to support my music, as they realized I was serious about my craft and also I think they accepted it because the content is mature and it serves a purpose outside of just being entertainment.”

His journey took on new meaning when he got the opportunity to record his first studio song at age 17. This opportunity gave him a sense of pride and joy that he wants others to experience. “Singing has always been what I feel is my destiny. I feel a different connection to music, which I use as my therapy and I hope it could be just the same for others as well,’ says Dmitri.

When asked which local and international singer/s influenced his style of music, he says, “I’ve never really been compared to another singer, but definitely I’m influenced by the Band Paramore, Haim, The Weeknd, Bob Marley, Stephen and Damian Marley. Really there are too much to name, but I really love Roots Reggae and I’m a huge fan of Hip Hop and Soul music.”

Dmitri wants to be a well rounded singer/musician and is currently learning to play guitar. One would describe him as a reggae artiste; however it is quite obvious that his sound is a blend of reggae and other genres. “The foundation of my music carries the aesthetics of reggae, but it is influenced by a lot of other sounds, such as afro influenced instruments, R&B and Soul,” says the artiste.

He is an excellent lyricist, which is manifested in his writing styles and has been working with young producers Lucas Musiq and Takunda Ababio, as well as others to record his songs. Most of his work falls under the production of “TenTwentyFour Music”. His catalog of songs includes; ‘When Mission Complete’, ‘Social Media’, ‘What Can I Do’, ‘Dry Your Eyes’ and ‘Rock it Love”.

Some of his songs are collaborations with artistes such as Maticulus Auburn and Lucas Musiq. As his status grows musically he hopes to collaborate with Stephen Marley, SZA, Daniel Ceasar, Khalid and Haim.

Dmitri puts a lot into preparing himself physically and mentally to perform at events and says, “Before I perform, I do a lot of jogging to keep my body healthy and in one with my mind. I also rehearse a lot and listen to music that inspires me for about five to ten minutes before going on stage. And last but not least, I pray heavily before my shows; I find a quiet spot and give thanks to the Most High, also motivate and remind myself of the objectives I hope to achieve from my music.”

He has performed at events such as ‘Heart in the Art’ in 2016, ‘Roots Meets Soul’ in 2017, as well as other local gigs.

Dmitri’s main challenge as a new kid on the block is lack of exposure, but he is optimistic that it is one that he will overcome sooner or later. He says, “There are other challenges yes, but I pay them no mind, because I’ve learned that one’s only limitation is his/her imagination and that’s something I hold very closely.”

The artiste is busy with production and plans for performing more for his fans and other music lovers. “I recently released my first body of work entitled ’24 Eden Garden Kingston 10’. It is consisted of 16 tracks which I recorded and engineered on my own. At this moment I am focused on its promotion, but new music is still being created. I have a number of small gigs here and there, but no major performances yet. I have hopes of hosting my own event before the year is done. So I will keep my supporters posted on my social media platforms.

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